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Springtime Yellow Tablescape

This springtime tablesetting has a yellow theme going on – after dreary winter months, it’s always good to see some bright and cheery colors and yellow is definitely in that category.

The three yellow floral arrangements, a tall flanked by two shorter complementary ones, add a burst of color in the center of the table. For a longer table, simply add more down the length of the table, alternating between tall and short arrangements.

The yellow tapers in glass candlesticks lend both an air of height and elegance. By keeping everything in the same color, the eye is not kept busy trying to focus on the focal point of the table. I find using all one color lends a more elegant look and feel to a tablesetting.

The yellow round placemats are an inexpensive way to pull the color down from the centerpiece into each placesetting. Good quality basic white napkins are a must! Using napkin rings is an easy and quick way to present napkins at placesettings.  There are several ways napkins can be folded into the rings but this is one of the more classic. Made of pewter, these napkin rings have a daffodil design so are perfect for springtime tables.

I am a big fan of white dishes. First, food looks fabulous against a white background. And, second, white goes with anything which means a set of basic white dinnerware is a good all-round investment. With white dishes, you can go with any color scheme on the table so, although the dinnerware remains the same, the look can change dramatically simply by using different tablecloths, placemats, chargers,  napkins, and/or centerpieces.

Adding lots of glassware to the table gives it a light look and feel – just what’s needed for a springtime tablesetting!

Don’t worry about mixing and matching glass candlesticks – in fact, having several different styles on the table makes it more interesting and takes away from the “matchy-matchy” look. To keep the look casual, just weave the candlesticks in at random among the flowers – they don’t have to be symmetrically placed.


No need for charger plates to frame the plates when round placemats are used.

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Pretty Poinsettia Tablescape

Poinsettias are one of the most commonly seen plants over the Christmas season.  They come in a variety of colors and shades and in various sizes.  Each season I have several placed around my home — in front of fireplaces, in the entryway, and anywhere else that I think needs a pop of color and a festive touch.

Today, I am using both small and miniature poinsettias in a seasonal tablescape.


I have clustered three small poinsettias in the center of the small round dining table.

These plants are just supermarket stock so I removed the commercial plastic wrappers from them and transplanted them into small glittery gold pots that I found at my local dollar store.  I added some fresh pine and green fir along with a few twigs, scattered some Christmas balls around the trio and, voilà, I have the look of a custom-made centerpiece at a fraction of the price.  By keeping each plant in its own pot, it allows me to use them as a grouping or elsewhere individually.  I chose two variegated plants in red shades and one in the soft green for contrast.

I also found these little tiny miniature poinsettias at the supermarket and thought they would be ideal decorations for each place setting and would be nice take-away favours for guests to take home with them as a remembrance of the dinner.

I simply covered the little terracotta pots with some gold netting and tied it with gold elastic cord.

I used a floor-length round gold tablecloth for the table and opted to use my gold charger plates as the backdrop for white dinnerware which, of course, makes the red poinsettias pop in color. By keeping the gold theme going in the charger plates, it keeps the tablesetting in the same color scheme without introducing another color.  This is particularly important when the table is small as is the case with this tablesetting. Keeping the same color of charger plates as the tablecloth gives the illusion that this table is bigger than it actually is.  Had I used other colored charger plates (e.g., red or green), the difference would have been very noticeable.

The small table creates a setting for very intimate dining.  However, it does not leave a lot of room for extras on the table, such as napkins.  For this reason, I opted to place the matching gold napkins in the wineglasses in a simple cascade napkin fold for economy of space.

The photo below shows the top down view of the tablesetting.

I always put a tree in my dining room. It is decorated in shades of green, gold, and ivory and I have carried these shades into my mantle decorations this season.  The gold tablecloth blends in with the  color scheme and, of course, the red poinsettias give a pop of color.

I hope you have enjoyed a glimpse into my seasonal poinsettia tablesetting.

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Thanksgiving Tablesetting

The autumn got away from me and I did not get around to sharing my 2014 Thanksgiving tablesetting.  When I realized it was too late to share it on my blog for the Canadian Thanksgiving in October, I knew I’d have a second chance in late November to share it in time for the American Thanksgiving.  So, this one is for our American friends to the South who will celebrate their Thanksgiving tomorrow… if you haven’t already set your Thanksgiving table, this one is quick and easy!

I went with a fairly simplistic setting this year.  I started with an ivory tablecloth topped with a piece of orange drapery sheer.  As you have probably noticed with my tablesettings, I tend to go for plain table coverings which make other elements of the tablesetting stand out.

I also try, where possible, to use props that I already have like, for example, the tall wooden candlesticks.  The warmth of the wood seemed to work well with the autumn props.  Scattering a few brown pine cones pulled the color scheme together.

The focal point of the table is the small white pumpkin perched on a glass cake stand and surrounded by colored leaves.  With a black marker, I simply wrote, round and round the pumpkin, all the things I am thankful for.

I used my standard gold charger plates topped with my everyday white stoneware dinnerware.  A quick fold of the napkin placed in the soup bowl makes a colorful nest for the little white ornamental pumpkins which tie in with the white pumpkin centerpiece.

I love to decorate my fireplace mantles.  A few white pumpkins, a garland of some colored leaves, a floral centerpiece, and a jar of mini orange pumpkins for a splash of color, and the look is complete.

This was a fairly easy, quick, and economical tablesetting to achieve.  It’s suitable, obviously, for a more informal Thanksgiving dinner.  My good China has a border of pink florals so really doesn’t blend well with the colors of autumn.  That’s why white dinnerware is always a good choice as it goes with anything and food always looks so eye-popping when served on it!

Happy Thanksgiving to our American family and friends to the South!

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