Pumpkins Galore Thanksgiving Tablesetting

My Pumpkins Galore Thanksgiving Tablesetting is taking on the rich tones of autumn and features lots of pumpkins. Let’s take a look.

Colorful Thanksgiving Tablesetting featuring brightly colored velvet pumpkins and napkins with a pumpkin motif
Thanksgiving Tablesetting

My theme for this year’s tablesetting is pumpkins…all kinds of pumpkins in different sizes, shapes, textures, and colors. Velvet pumpkins are quite on trend at the time of writing and lots of them can be seen in my dining room – in a wreath on the wall, on the fireplace mantle, and of course on the table.

Wreath of yellow sunflowers and orange velvet pumpkins against a background of green Eucalyptus
Autumn Wreath of Velvet Pumpkins, Sunflowers, and Eucalyptus

Over the years, I have collected pumpkins in various shapes, sizes, and textures, some sparkly, and some more plain. The large orange sparkly pumpkin  was purchased but the others in the photo below are ones I painted to match my decor. They move around each year but, this year, they gathered on one end of the fireplace mantle.

A mantle vignette of orange and green pumpkins surrounding a white lantern
Autumn Fireplace Vignette

On the opposite end of the mantle, I used a simple green velvet pumpkin supported by some seasonal greenery. I love the textured velvet and shadings on this pumpkin.

A fireplace vignette comprised of a green velvet pumpkin on a stack of books surrounded by some greenery and pinecones
Autumn Fireplace Vignette

One of the things I like to do with seasonal decor is arrange it so that it is not suitable for only one day or event but rather will take me through the autumn season until it is time to transition to Christmas.

In the autumn, I tend to construct many of my tablesettings on a bare wood table as opposed to one covered with a tablecloth. My dining room table is made of a rich maple wood so fits in well with the equally rich tones of the fall.

Autumn centerpiece for table consisting of a variety of pumpkins, colored leaves and pinecones all flanked by two tall pillar candles
Thanksgiving Centerpiece on Dining Room Table

To the extent possible, I try to use items from my existing collection when constructing seasonal tablescapes. This year, however, the velvet pumpkins are new acquisitions. Everything else, though, I already had.

So, let’s start with the centerpiece. The base for the centerpiece is a tall metal stand that I have often used with orbs in it on my coffee table. It is fairly tall and a reasonably good width with gently slanted sides so that set the parameters for the centerpiece. From there, it was basically choosing the pumpkins of various sizes, colors, and shapes along with colored leaves, and a few piks to fill in any gaps. Adding a mixture of fabric pumpkins with some that are sparkling, and others that are more matte, or plain, adds interest to the centerpiece.

To ground the centerpiece, I have added some velvet pumpkins, pine cones, and leaves, around the stand base and positioned a tall candlesticks on each side. This extends the centerpiece and creates flow, connecting with the elements on the centerpiece stand.

A gold velvet pumpkin sits amidst colored leaves and pinecones on a table
Gold Velvet Pumpkin

I went with a very plain, ivory-colored napkin with a pumpkin motif to tie in with the tablescape theme. Tucking the flatwear inside a fold in the napkin keeps the look more casual and less cluttered, especially if there is a busy centerpiece or if space on the table is limited.

A pretty ivory napkin with an orange pumpkin motif sits atop the dinner plate at each place setting. A colorful table centerpiece of multiple pumpkins in different colors and textures is in the background.
Thanksgiving Table Placesetting

I am using simple white dinnerware because it is always clean and sleek looking and food just simply looks good on a white background. Burnt orange chargers with an autumn design are used at each placesetting. I am a big fan of chargers, not only for the look they give to a table, but for their usefulness. If a morsel of food should happen to drop off the plate, it will land on the charger versus the table or tablecloth (if used).

I hope you have enjoyed a glimpse into my Thanksgiving Tablesetting. To view previous autumn-themed tablesettings, click on the links below.

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A Thanksgiving themed tablesetting with a variety of pumpkins in different colors, textures, and shapes nestled amongst colored leaves and pine cones.
Thanksgiving Tablesetting