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Teatime in the Lupins

Cup of Tea and Cupcakes
Lupin Patterned Cup and Saucer by Windsor Bone China

June is one of my favorite months of the year. Prince Edward Island is so incredibly colorful with verdant green fields and the tilled red soil freshly planted with crops at this time of year. Against this backdrop are the many wildflowers that bloom in June and none are more prolific or more beautiful, in my opinion, than the tall, elegant, colorful lupins. These stunning wildflowers are the inspiration for today’s Teatime in the Lupins.

Lupins alongside one of PEI’s red clay country roads

Lupins grow wild along many country roadsides on the Island and in abundance on my mother’s property which is where we have chosen to enjoy afternoon tea today. Put the kettle on, make yourself a brew, and come along on a recap of our lupin-inspired teatime adventure.

Below is a photo of what the sloping hill beside my Mom’s house looks like in June and this is the background I have selected for our teatime today.

Wild lupins
Lupins on the Hillside

Purple, in its various shades, is the predominant color of lupins in PEI though there are certainly pinks, whites, fuchsia, and variegated shades to be seen.

Pretty purple and pink lupins
Colorful PEI lupins

Other less common colors may include peach and yellow shades but those, most likely, would have been planted from imported seed. Lupins can often be found around patches of wild phlox. Mother Nature’s way of doing her own floral designs!

Colorful lupins
The Shades of Lupins

My Teatime in the Lupins event was, in part, inspired by the lupins and partly by my Windsor Bone China “Lupins” patterned cup and saucer. The cup has embossed panels all around the cup which is trimmed with gold accent on the rim, base of the cup’s pedestal, and on the cup’s handle which is the loop broken style. A smaller floral spray of lupins adorns the back exterior of the cup.

Lupin themed teacup
Lupin Cup and Saucer

The matching saucer also features embossed panels to mirror the cup’s design and the saucer features sprays of lupins matching the cup’s floral motif pattern.

Pretty lupin-themed teacup
Windsor Bone China Lupin-themed Teacup and Saucer

Because I only have the one lupin-themed cup and saucer in my collection, I had to choose another floral teacup to pair with it. My choice for the second teacup is Royal Albert’s cup and matching saucer that features tri-colored violets set amidst green leaves with a blush of pale yellow in the background. This blends in well with my teatime color theme.

Violet Teacup
Royal Albert Tri-colored Violet Teacup

The stylish-shaped cup is narrow at the bottom of the bowl, widening to the top with gently ribbed panels from base to rim. The cup with its broken loop handle style has a scalloped rim with a narrow band of embossing just below the rim level.

Yellow and white teapot featuring larkspur
Royal Denby Teapot with Larkspur Floral Motif

My choice of teapot is Royal Denby’s Larkspur Pattern (no. 301202/reg no. 768985). This summery teapot has pretty rose and blue colored larkspur set against an ivory background trimmed with a yellow band and thick green line accents. I think this vintage teapot pairs well with my lupin cup and saucer since I don’t have one with the lupin motif on it.

Three-tiered server with cupcakes and cookies
Cupcakes, Cookies, and Chocolates for Teatime

Because the predominant color of PEI lupins is purple, I have chosen purple to be my main color theme for the cupcakes.  Melting Moments (my recipe here) decorated in a contrasting turquoise blue frosting are also included on the plate. Nothing says it’s afternoon teatime (well, apart from the teapot and teacups, of course) better than a tiered server.

The three-tiered server I have chosen is from Royal Tudor Ware by Barker Bros (England). The plates feature a purple and brown floral motif with turquoise accents so fit in well with my color scheme. The artisan chocolates on the top tier were handmade by Jane and Sue Chocolate from Stanley Bridge, PEI. This is a new chocolate shop just recently opened at the time of writing so, if you are in the area, be sure to check them out.

Aynsley’s “Garden Gate” pattern tea plates blend in well with the tablesetting.

Pretty floral teaplates
“Garden Gate” tea plates from Aynsley

Those plates need some teatime treats!

Cupcakes, Cookies, and Chocolates for Teatime
Vanilla Cupcakes, Melting Moments, and Artisan Chocolates

Vanilla cupcakes, Melting Moments Cookies, and locally-made artisan chocolates make for a sweet teatime. What’s not to love!

Artisan hand-made chocolates
Artisan Chocolates Handmade by Jane and Sue Chocolate, Stanley Bridge, PEI

A sugar high for hours after today’s teatime!

Pretty cupcakes, cookies and chocolates on tea table
Pretty Cupcakes, Cookies, and Chocolates for Teatime

Do you enjoy teatime outdoors, weather permitting, or do you prefer to take tea indoors, regardless the weather?

Pretty teatable against a backdrop of lupins
Teatime in a Field of Lupins

Some day in our cold Canadian winter, I will look at these photos and try and recall the warm early summer breeze on the June afternoon when we enjoyed tea and sweet treats amongst the pretty lupins!

Tea table in a field of lupins
Table set for Tea amongst the Lupins


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Lupin cup and saucer