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Easter Afternoon Tea

Even though Easter is late this year, we still have a lot of snow on PEI.  Last week’s moderate temperatures (and no new snow, thankfully) saw the snow settling and starting to melt away.  However, we still have plenty in stock!

After such a long, arduous winter, I am so ready for spring and some color other than white snow.  My Easter Afternoon Tea this year has yellow as its theme color.  I have this Gibsons (England) vintage teapot that I have been wanting to use for a long time and its colors seem to suggest a yellow theme.  I like its oval, elongated shape. I also have my Easter tablecloth square with yellow chicks and purple eggs and flowers so yellow it is with some hints of purple.

Gibsons Vintage Teapot
Gibsons Vintage Teapot

I have a little growing collection of teacups and saucers.  I am featuring a couple of newer acquisitions in this afternoon tea, both of them spring-themed.

The first is my daffodil cup and saucer manufactured by the Rosina China Co. Ltd. in England.  I love the shape and floral design on this cup including the design carried through to the inside of the cup.

The second cup and saucer features little purple violets (one of my all-time favorite flowers) with yellow accent flowers.  It’s a Royal Albert china cup and saucer and also carries the floral design to the inside of the cup.

My tea selection today from my wee table-sized tea box is Bentley’s Lemon, Honey & Chamomile Herbal Tea.

Yes, even the tea has a yellow cast to it, in keeping with today’s yellow color scheme!

One of my grandmothers gave me this [now vintage] Withernsea England Eastgate Pottery vase when I wasn’t very old.  It’s now part of my Easter collection and today it holds bright yellow and white daffodils for our afternoon tea table.

I have folded plain white napkins into bunny ear shapes for each place setting and added a chocolate to each plate because chocolate is so popular at Easter!

Bunny Ears Napkin Fold
Bunny Ears Napkin Fold

I have prepared three kinds of sandwiches for this afternoon’s tea.  The first is a triple-decker sandwich with egg filling on potato and green onion bread.  The second is honey glazed ham sandwiched between slices of Chia bread.  And, the third is a cucumber sandwich on flax bread.

I like to use different breads on my sandwich trays, not only for their unique flavors and how well they enhance the fillings I have chosen, but also for their appearance.

The old question is …. are crusts removed or left on?  I think this is really a matter of preference and also how dark the crusts are.  I prefer to remove them because I think the sandwiches plate more attractively if the crusts are removed.  I save the crusts and make them into crumbs to use for other purposes such as the stuffing for a roasted turkey as I am not one to waste food.

Even though I have a featured dessert for my Easter afternoon tea, I have included a selection of some sweets on the tiered server.

A closer peek?    Raspberry Jam Squares, spring- and Easter-shaped shortbread, and chocolate peanut butter balls.

These are the jam squares I featured in my story recently about JJ Stewart Foods and Soda Company.  You can get the recipe here.

Raspberry Jam Squares
Raspberry Jam Squares

So, about that featured dessert ……..

I like decorating cakes so I made a vanilla cake, sandwiched it together with lemon filling (keeping the yellow theme going!), iced it in the basket weave design, and decorated it with sugar Easter lilies that I made with royal icing (yes, they are tedious to make and extremely fragile).

Whenever possible, I like to present my decorated cakes on pedestal plates as it gives them more prominence and elegance.


I hope you have enjoyed a glimpse into my Easter afternoon tea.

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Easter Afternoon Tea

By now, you have probably concluded that I like afternoon teas!  So, today, I share photos from my Easter Tea.

Let’s begin with a stylized salad served in a hollowed-out cucumber cup.

And, of course, the most logical tea sandwiches for Easter would be made with egg salad and garnished with carrot sticks.

The little Easter eggs scattered on the table are actually little wooden eggs I hand-painted some years ago when I was doing a lot of decorative painting.

I love the bright, cheerful colors of Easter but what would Easter be without something chocolate!

The bright yellow tulips are from the Vanco Tulip Farm in Mt. Albion, PEI.

Love these little chocolate nests filled with tiny miniature Easter eggs!  The fudge brownies were pretty awesome, too!

Seasonal cookie shapes of pink bunnies and lambs also found their way on to the Easter tea table along with melting moments sandwiched together with bright-colored buttercream icing.

I am always looking for creative uses for my teacup collection.  Here, I have used them to serve brightly-colored Easter cupcakes.

Dainty little Scotch cookies decorated for the Easter season.

Decorating seasonal cookies is one of my passions – can you tell?

 Fun and whimsical!  Certain conversation pieces, for sure!

I realized, too late, that I had forgotten to take a close-up of my Easter teapot on the tea table.  Fortunately, I had another photograph of it so here is photo of my “Little Lamb Teapot”.

And, when it’s all put together, this is what it looked like.

I hope you have enjoyed these photos of my Easter Tea.  Thank you for visiting my blog today.  I hope you are enjoying this Easter season.

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