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“When Vintage Meets Elegance” Tablesetting

Grindley's Creampetal "Apple Blossom" China Pattern
Grindley’s Creampetal “Apple Blossom” China Pattern

Both my mother and grandmother had the Grindley Creampetal “Apple Blossom” gold-gilded pattern of china.   It was a fairly common pattern, particularly in the 1950s and 1960s.

With its cream colored background and small pink and blue flowers with green leaves, it looked very stylish on the table for special occasions.  When this china came out, I knew it was for something very special!

Today, this would be considered to be vintage tableware.  I still like to use this dinnerware on occasion.

I think vintage tableware such as this calls for a romantic centerpiece.  To find just the right flowers, I visited Island Meadow Farms in York, just minutes outside of Charlottetown.   I am totally amazed at the array of beautiful flowers grown at Island Meadow Farms.

Owner and floral designer, Barb Jewell, prepares dozens of stunning and romantic wedding bouquets over the summer and fall seasons.  It’s not hard to understand why she is the choice of many Island brides for their wedding bouquets and floral arrangements.  In addition, Island Meadow Farms also sells bouquets of cut flowers and makes floral arrangements for all occasions.

I was looking for a romantic-style centerpiece that would compliment the dishes.  In particular, I wanted old-fashioned flowers like the ones that would have been grown in flower gardens many years ago.  So, with one of my plates in hand for color-matching, I traveled to York and met with Barb Jewell to pick out the flowers and I was not disappointed in her recommendations.

Home I came with a couple of buckets of fresh flowers.

And, then the floral arranging began.

And, here is my finished product….

There are a number of flowers in this arrangement that include Estoma Lisianthia, Forget-me-Nots, Canterbury Bells, Campanula, Scabiosa, Sweet Peas, Yarrow, Cress, Boston Fern, and Scented Geranium.

With an arrangement this bountiful and beautiful, there is little need for anything else to adorn the center of the table.  I used a couple of little crystal votives on either side of the arrangement and that was it.  Doesn’t it look summery and romantic!

As you can see from the photo below, I started with a soft ivory tablecloth and matching napkins.  Tableware is presented in the order in which the meal will be served starting with the soup course.

This was followed by the salad course.

And, the plate for the entrée.

When using vintage dinnerware, I recommend keeping the glasswear of similar or complimentary style (as opposed to using contemporary water and wine glasses).  This means the glasses can have lots of cuts and design in them.

I used a very basic, simple fold for the napkin so it would not compete with, or detract from, both the dinnerware and the floral centerpiece.

And, the table is set, ready for dinner guests.

For more information on Island Meadow Farms, visit their website at http://www.islandmeadowfarms.ca/.


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