My Island Bistro Kitchen Celebrates 3rd Blogiversary Food Blogging

Today, I celebrate my third blogiversary, three years blogging about food.  For those of you who are regular followers of my blog, you’ll notice I often focus on food that is produced in my home province of Prince Edward Island on the East Coast of Canada and I frequently features stories about Island food producers.  As I have said countless times, we may be Canada’s smallest province but we sure do produce some mighty fine food!  Along with top quality food products to work with, Island-produced food  gives me great inspiration to cook, bake, and blog.

So, some “eye candy” to celebrate the blogiversary.

I live in a winter climate so I chose ice blue for the cupcake frosting, almost a Tiffany blue.

I like the turquoise-colored frosting against the chocolate cupcakes encased in the silver foil liners.  There are many pretty paper cupcake liners on the market but I have yet to discover the trick to keeping the oil/butter from seeping through and spoiling the look of them.  That’s one reason why I like the foil liners – they stay clean.

The cupcakes are themed around snowflakes and ice crystals.  Here’s a close-up of the detail.


I spent some time playing with the lighting today so these cupcakes starred in many photos!  (They were very patient subjects!)


One of the things I like most about cupcakes is that they are each a little mini canvas to work with.  They are also more casual than a cake and each guest gets his/her own mini cake.  As well, they are size and portion-controlled and don’t need to be served on a plate!

They may be a more casual option to a celebratory cake but that doesn’t mean cupcakes can’t be dressed up for the party!

Thanks for stopping by “the Bistro” today and celebrating my third blogiversary with me!  Cheers!



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