The Warmth of the Christmas Light Tablesetting

I love setting beautiful tables any time of the year but the Christmas season lends itself so well to many creative tablesetting options.  Sometimes, I have many more ideas than I have need to create new tablescapes!

Today, I am veering off the traditional color theme one might ordinarily expect to see on a Christmas table though I have incorporated some red and green into the design.

The Dishes

The dinnerware I have chosen is manufactured by Royal Stafford in England. The pattern is called “Christmas Home”.

These earthenware dishes are durable and not nearly so fragile as fine bone china.  The dinnerware is both microwaveable and dishwasher safe so, for this reason, the dishes are a suitable option for everyday use during the holiday season or they can be dressed up for a Christmas dinner as I have done here.

The predominant black/gray color may not be what one would think of first for Christmas dinnerware.  However, look closer and you can see the black/gray makes a lovely frame for the heartwarming scene on the dishes. It really makes the red and green pop in the pattern.

As soon as I examined the scene, I knew my tablescape would draw its inspiration from the glow of light in the windows of the dinnerware pattern and I have called this tablesetting the “Warmth of the Christmas Light“.  I like how the nostalgic pattern in the dishes tells its own story.

Charger Plates

I have a wide collection of charger plates and use them frequently in my tablesettings.  They are as functional as they are decorative.  They are functional as they help to keep each placesetting clean.  If a morsel of food escapes a plate, the charger plate (as opposed to a fine tablecloth or wood table) catches it.  Charger plates also allow for the elements of each placesetting to be coralled in an orderly fashion.  From a decorative point of view, chargers add a touch of class, elegance, and color to a finely set table.  Charger plates are very inexpensive and I have chosen basic black to complement the black and white dishes and the black lanterns in the tablescape.


When the dinnerware pattern is busy, I recommend choosing a plain tablecloth that matches the background color in the dishes.  In this case, I have selected one of my white Irish linen tablecloths because the background in the dinnerware is white.  The blank white canvas of the tablecloth allows for the elements of the tablescape to stand out.

I am a big fan of cloth napkins and, in particular, plain napkins.  Plain linens are very important if the dinnerware has a busy pattern so neither competes with the other.  The plain napkins help to ground the patterned dinnerware. To use patterned napkins and tablecloth with this dinnerware would make it very cluttered to the eye. To add some brightness to the tablescape and to tie in with the hints of red in the dinnerware and the bow on the lantern, I have chosen red napkins.

Candlestick Napkin Fold
Candlestick Napkin Fold

In keeping with my theme of the warmth of Christmas light, the napkin fold I have selected is the freestanding candlestick. This is a very easy-to-do napkin fold and a stiff napkin is required.  The red napkins I have used have white trim on the edges so, when rolled into a candle shape, the white resembles candle drippings. If you find this napkin fold too tall for your liking, the napkins can always be laid across each place setting where they will appear as simple, elegantly rolled napkins.


For the centerpiece on this table, I have used two black lanterns along with red pillar candles.  I like to use props I already have and incorporate them into different table settings.  The black lanterns blend well with the color of the dinnerware and are continuing the theme of light. I have dressed up the taller of the lanterns with a swag in colors complementary to the dinnerware along with a perky red bow. The lanterns also provide a safe place for the candles yet still allow them to add light to the tablescape.  Some faux red berries and pine cones complete the look.


To complement the nostalgic dinnerware, I have opted to use very traditional glassware of about average height for stemware.

I hope you have enjoyed my “Warmth of the Christmas Light” tablesetting that features Royal Stafford’s “Christmas Home” dinnerware.

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Christmas Tablesetting
Warmth of the Christmas Light Tablesetting

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