St. Patrick’s Day Afternoon Tea for One

Tea Table

It’s no secret that I love anything to do with afternoon tea. Living where I do, here in PEI, we do not have places that offer afternoon tea year-round but that really does not make a huge difference to me as I like to prepare and enjoy afternoon tea at home, whether that’s for one or more people.

Today, it’s a prelude to St. Patrick’s Day afternoon tea for one and the color theme is distinctly green with a hint of orange as, at the time of writing, we are mere days away from St. Patrick’s Day.

I found lovely carnations in shades of soft green and coral and immediately knew they would be perfect on my tea table! There’s something special about having fresh flowers on a tea table.

Bouquet of Carnations
Green and orange Carnations for the Tea Table

I don’t have recipes published and available for everything seen on my tea table today but, for those that I do, I will include a hot link to the recipes on my website.

My choice of tea today – Twinings Irish Breakfast Tea. This is a lovely robust black tea and one I drink frequently since black tea is always my preference.

Irish Breakfast Tea
Twinings Irish Breakfast Tea

Naturally, in March, my collection of green-themed teacups make an appearance. Today, I have selected this sweet little Aynsley teacup in the shamrock pattern.

Green and White Teacup
Aynsley Teacup in Shamrock Pattern

Doesn’t it match perfectly with the small green teapot for one!

Green Teapot for One
Teapot for One

One of the simplest and easiest teatime sandwiches to make is the quintessential Cucumber Sandwich.

Teatime Sandwich
Cucumber Sandwich

I almost always include cucumber sandwiches in my afternoon tea events as they are lovely and refreshing. I have included a slice of Cheddar Cheese with Guinness in it, imported from Ireland. This is a lovely mild artisan cheese with great plate presentation.

Marbled Cheese
Cheddar Cheese with Guinness

Scones, fresh from the oven, are a must in my books for teatime. Alongside English Double Cream imported from the UK, I am topping today’s scones with my homemade lime curd and strawberry jam.

Scones and Toppings
Scones with Lime Curd, Strawberry Jam, and English Double Cream

To play it safe, I am sitting on the fence as to which topping is to be applied to the scones first – the double cream or the jam/curd. I know some have very strong opinions on this topic but, I must say, I have tried the toppings both ways (displayed in the photo below) and find either is a good option!

Scones with Toppings

In my books, some sweet endings have to be on the tea table.

Teatime Server for One
Scones and Sweets for Teatime!

On my dessert plate, I included a simple parfait of Greek yogurt with lime curd, a mincemeat square, a frypan cookie ball, and shortbread along with some fresh fruit.

Teatime Sweet Treats
Treats for the Sweet Tooth!

Sometimes, I like to take a day and simply relax and, when I do, afternoon tea is frequently part of the day. The afternoon tea doesn’t have to be elaborate (though it can be) and I find it’s a great way to recharge the batteries.

Tea Table Set For One


I hope you have enjoyed a wee tea break some time today, too! What are your favorite afternoon tea foods?

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Afternoon Tea For One
St. Patrick’s Afternoon Tea for One

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