Purple Tablesetting for the Holidays

Purple has been my favorite color for a long time so it’s not surprising that, many years ago, I chose a china pattern that had lavender in it.  I came across wonderful purple-tinted small carnations at the local Superstore so purple became the theme of this tablesetting for a pre-Christmas holiday dinner party.

Mini Purple Carnation Centerpiece

I have a number of different colored charger plates that match my china and I use them to change the look of the table.  The purple chargers were an identical match for the carnations.

The Wave Napkin Fold

I really like working with white linen tablecloths as they give me a blank, undistracted canvas upon which to build the tablescape.

The napkin fold I chose was the simple “wave” fold.  It is quick and easy to do.  It’s very classic and unpretentious.  I used gold-themed balls on each napkin to tie in with the gold rim of the plates and also with the container for the floral arrangement and the votives.

Purple Carnation Centerpiece

This was a very simple floral arrangement and easy to design.  I buy huge bundles of different greens and keep them in a big bucket in my garage for use in preparing floral arrangements over the holidays.  In this one, I used cedar and pine for the base then added the carnations and baby’s breath.  In fact, the greenery will outlast the carnations so I will probably add new flowers and change the votives to another color over the holiday period to change up the look of my table.

Mini Purple Carnations Centerpiece

I like these votive holders – they have a three-pronged base that, when inserted into the floral oasis, become a very sturdy alternative to the precarious tapers.  While I like the look of tapers, and do sometimes use them, they are not as carefree as votives as there is always a chance that someone will jerk the table and the candles might tip.

Purple-themed Tablesetting

This is a very simplistic, uncluttered tablesetting, perfect for those dinner parties over the holidays.

Happy Holidays!

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