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Twas The Night Before Christmas Tablesetting

The Dinnerware

Johnson Brothers’ “Twas The Night” dinnerware is classic Johnson Brothers in every way. The dinnerware features nostalgic scenes and text from the classic Christmas story “Twas the Night Before Christmas“.


Made of earthenware, this is a sturdy, durable easy-to-care for set of dinnerware that is both dishwasher and microwave safe.

This tableware has a distinctively pinkish-red and ivory color and, with text from the afore-mentioned Christmas story, it is definitely Christmas-only dinnerware.  For this reason, I have chosen it for Christmas Eve dinner.

Let’s take a look at the intricate pattern on each plate and the bowl.

The dinner plate features the exterior of an old stone house.

The salad plate shows a tree by the fireplace with stockings hung.

The soup bowl shows a full moon in the winter sky over the rooftop.

Even the bottom of the plates has detail.

As those of you who follow the tablesetting part of my food blog will know, I’m a big fan of charger plates, both for their functionality and for the color and elegance they lend to a tablesetting.  However, as I have discovered, not all dinnerware necessarily benefits from the use of charger plates.  This Twas the Night pattern is a prime example of that.  I did try pink chargers under the plates but found the dinnerware too informal and, for my taste, the chargers looked out of place.  This, of course, does not mean a pretty table cannot be set with these dishes.


Because this dinnerware is more vintage in design, I have chosen glassware in styles that complement the dishes.  This is dinnerware that allows mix-and-match glassware.  In fact, none of the three vintage glasses are a matched set yet they seem to work in this setting. The stem glasses with red trim give a bit of extra pop of color to the tablesetting and blend in with the red berries in the jars.

Linens and Napkins

It is not often that I set a table without either a full tablecloth, a square, or placemats.  However, for this setting, I have chosen to use a short Christmas runner down the center of my oval table and let the maple wood of my table shine.  I think this complements the informal casual look of this dinnerware.

When selecting napkins, I try to choose them in a color that either matches the background color of the dinnerware or, alternatively, select a color from the pattern.  In this case, I have opted to go with ivory napkins and the fold I have chosen is the rose.

The Rose Napkin Fold
The Rose Napkin Fold

This is a simple-to-do napkin fold.  I like to use this fold when space on the table is limited to display a napkin, when a napkin fold would substantially cover up the dinnerware pattern which is a focal point of the table, or when placement of the napkin would clutter up, or compete with, a simplistic tablescape design.

The rose fold requires either a soup bowl or a cup to contain it and hold it in place.  This method of styling and presenting a napkin is unpretentious yet gives the look and feel that planning and effort have been put into the tablesetting.


Since my goal with this setting is to keep it very simplistic, I have chosen to use standard glass canning jars of two sizes for the table decor.  You may know these as Mason or Ball brand jars.

In the three larger jars, I have added a base of Epsom salt to resemble snow topped with some faux red berries to symbolize cranberries.  To add a touch of seasonal greenery, I have topped each jar with a few sprigs of fresh greenery.

In each of the smaller jars, I have placed a small white votive candle on a base of Epsom salt.  Just make sure you put the candle in a small votive glass inside the jar to contain the melting wax.

Using an odd number of jars is more pleasing to the eye than if an even number was used.  More (or fewer) jars can be used depending on the length of the table.

Using these glass jars is remaining quite popular and trendy probably because of their versatility.  I think their “home-y” look blends well with the nostalgic tableware that has a homestead, casual look to it.  When I think of homestead, I think of canning fruits and vegetables which is the traditional use of these jars.

This dinnerware is sure to be a conversation piece on the dinner table for many Christmases to come.

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