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Snowmen and Snowballs Tablesetting

A number of years ago, I made these snowmen and, this year, thought they should be part of a casual holiday tablesetting that is aptly named “Snowmen and Snowballs“.  So, here they are, all dressed in their finery to preside over the dinner table!

Christmas Tablesetting
Snowmen and Snowballs Tablesetting

These two snowmen are positioned at opposite ends of the table because they can’t be trusted not to engage in a snowball fight!  As you can see, they’ve already been busy with all those snowballs you see on the table!

I am a big fan of using what I already have as opposed to buying new items for tablesettings. In fact, I will often re-purpose decorations and ornaments (especially ones I can’t otherwise find a place for!) by using them in my tablesettings. And, this is exactly what I have done with this tablesetting.

How adorable are these little snowmen votives that adorn each placesetting!

Christmas Tablesetting
Snowman Votive Candle

The napkins are a rosy-pink-red pinstripe on fabric that has a homespun texture.  They are very suitable for this casual tablesetting.  The napkins don’t shout Christmas but are quite  suitable for the season.  They are also napkins I use other times of the year.

I am using my standard white dinnerware and have framed it with a red plaid charger plate on top of a round green placemat. The combination gives a nod to the traditional red and green colors typically associated with Christmas.

Christmas Placesetting
Snowmen and Snowballs Placesetting

Because this is a fun, casual tablesetting, some liberties can be taken with the placement of elements of the placesetting. For example, because space is at a premium on this table, there really isn’t a lot of room for the cutlery on the sides of the placesetting. Therefore, I have casually laid the flatware at an angle on top of the plates as shown in the photo above.

How cute is this lumberjack snowman with his little red toque! This tablesetting is all about creating a vignette and a story and making it fun.

Christmas Tablesetting
The Lumberjack Snowman

I seriously think lumberjack snowman is eyeing up his partner-in-crime, the bird watcher, at the other end of the table and taunting him to a snowball fight! We’ll see if we can get through dinner without snowballs flying between these two!

Christmas Tablesetting
Birdwatcher Snowman

Around, and in between, the two snowmen, I have simply made a base of faux snow. I then just laid some faux greenery, along with some pine cones, mini white twinkle lights, and a string of snowball lights, on top of the snow. The battery-operated snowball lights do double duty in that they are part of the tablesetting story and they also add some unique lighting to the table. The snowballs look eye appealing, both in daylight and at night.

Christmas Tablesetting
Snowmen and Snowballs Tablesetting

I didn’t fuss too much with the placement of the greenery, red berries, and pine cones, all of which are needed to contrast the white snow.

Christmas Tablesetrting
Snowmen and Snowballs Tablesetting

This type of tablescape is a good option for anyone who is not comfortable creating a precise table centerpiece as there really is no right or wrong way to position the greenery.

Christmas Tablesetting
Snowmen and Snowballs Tablesetting

Some of today’s faux greenery is quite a good replica of the real greenery, pinecones, and berries. Plus, it is reusable, year after year.

Christmas Tablesetting
Snowmen and Snowballs Tablesetting

Using both the snowball lights and twinkle lights adds a layer of drama to the tablesetting, particularly for evening dining. Without the layers of lights, the whole center of the table would be quite dark in the evening even with ambient room lighting.

Christmas Tablesetting
Snowball Lights

It’s always important to think about how the tablesetting will look in different lighting situations for different dining experiences. This is especially true if the dining event is in the evening when no daylight will provide natural light in the room.  The snowball lights really pop and come to life after dark. With nothing more than the tree lights, the lit votives, and the snowball and twinkle lights, the table comes to life and provides a cozy, warm, and inviting dining experience.

Christmas Tablesetting
Snowmen and Snowballs Tablesetting

The little votive candles exude a warm, soft glow at each placesetting. I love the detail on these votives. They add a touch of whimsy to the tablesetting.

Christmas Tablesetting
Snowmen and Snowballs Tablesetting

Typically, I would seat guests around all sides of the table. However, no matter how I positioned the snowmen, someone was going to be looking at the back or side of one of the snowmen.  When constructing a tablescape, it is important to ensure that all guests, from all angles, have an equal view of the whole tablescape.

To ensure optimal visibility of all sides of the tablescape in the”Snowmen and Snowballs” tablesetting, a simple fix is to place two guests on each side of the table, leaving the ends vacant. This way, all guests have a full view of the entire tablescape/vignette.

Because the taller elements (the snowmen) are at the ends of the table and the center part is low profile, it is conducive to good dinner conversation among guests. Had I placed the snowmen in the center of the table, their height would have somewhat obstructed the view of diners of their dining companions.

Christmas Tablesetting
Snowmen and Snowballs Tablesetting

I hope you have enjoyed a peek of my whimsical “Snowmen and Snowballs” Tablesetting. This setting is proof that not all tablescapes have to have the focal points of interest dead in the center of the table.  Sometimes, the focal points can be at either end, or indeed, both ends of the table.  This works so long as there is a connector between the two such as the low-profile runner of greenery and snowball lights atop faux snow in this setting.

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