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Orange, Date, and Spice Loaf

Date Bread
Orange, Date, and Spice Loaf

Date lovers will love this Orange, Date, and Spice Loaf. Moist and delicious, this quick bread is made with Medjool dates, orange peel and zest, and warm spices. An old-fashioned flavorful tea loaf, it is delicious served perfectly plain or with a slather of butter. Continue reading Orange, Date, and Spice Loaf

Cranberry Orange Eggnog Loaf Recipe

Quick Bread studded with cranberries, mixed peel, pecans, and orange zest
Cranberry Orange Eggnog Loaf

I call this quick bread the loaf with Christmas wrapped inside it! That’s because this Cranberry Orange Eggnog Loaf encompasses many of the flavors we typically associate with Christmas – the bright red cranberries, eggnog, warm spices of nutmeg, mace, and cardamom, citrus notes that come from orange marmalade, juice, and orange rind, mixed peel/citron, and pecans. It’s the perfect loaf for weekend brunch, coffee or tea break, or gift giving. Continue reading Cranberry Orange Eggnog Loaf Recipe

Classic Banana Bread Recipe

Banana Quick Bread
Classic Banana Bread

This Classic Banana Bread is super moist and tasty.  Best of all, it’s really easy to make and, apart from the bananas, takes only standard pantry ingredients.  It’s the perfect way to use up extra ripe bananas since Banana Bread is best made with overripe bananas. They have so much flavor and add the extra moisture for which banana bread is known. Continue reading Classic Banana Bread Recipe

Cinnamon Quick Bread

Did you ever get the urge to bake (often on a storm day, for example) and realize that every recipe you look at requires a shopping trip to the supermarket?  Well, here’s my answer to that dilemma.  Today’s recipe is Cinnamon Quick Bread that takes no more than pantry staples.  So long as you have basic baking supplies, you can whip this tasty sweet bread up in no time. Continue reading Cinnamon Quick Bread