The Pink and Green Holiday Tablesetting

Today, I am sharing photos from my Pink and Green Holiday Tablesetting. One of the things I like to do over the holiday season is to prepare some “greenery bases” for floral arrangements and have them ready for different holiday dinners and events.  This way, it is not necessary to start from scratch to create a new floral centerpiece for every dinner party or get-together.  Once the greenery is in place, floral centerpieces are quick and easy to prepare.  Simply by changing the color of the flowers in a centerpiece can give a whole new look to a table.

Having the candles and greenery base intact, a new centerpiece probably takes me between 5 and 10 minutes to create.

While I like the white linen tablecloth look (I call it my blank canvas), sometimes I like to see the maple wood in my table.  Seeing the wood on the table also lends a less formal look to the tablesetting.  So, for more casual dining, this is often a look I go for.

A number of years ago, my Mom hand-quilted these placemats to match my Royal Albert Lavender Rose china.  Aren’t they beautiful!  The quilt pattern is the Lovers’ Knot.

Having a collection of charger plates that match my china means they can be used to change the look of the table as well.  Having invested in my fine china, I like to use it as much as possible; however, using the same dinnerware repeatedly can start to make every table setting look the same unless you inject other elements, like different colored charger plates, candles, table linen, flowers, etc.

The napkin fold I have selected for this tablesetting is the Christmas tree fold.  This is not a difficult napkin fold and, of course, it is most suitable for the Christmas season.  Choose good quality cloth napkins for this fold so that the fold will stay in place.

Christmas Tree Napkin Fold
Christmas Tree Napkin Fold

So, here is my tablesetting, all set for evening dinner by the Christmas tree and a warm fireplace.

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Christmas Tablesetting
Pink and Green Christmas Tablesetting