Winter White Holiday Tablesetting

Christmas Tablesetting
Winter White Holiday Tablesetting

For my holiday dinner table this year, I set myself a two-fold challenge:

1) Design a tablescape using only materials I already owned (√) and
2) Use a color scheme I had not previously used for a Christmas tablescape (√)

I call this silver and white tablescape the Winter White Holiday Tablesetting.

Absolutely nothing new was purchased for this tablesetting. Everything was re-purposed. On a sunny day, with light beaming through my large triple window, this tablesetting really sparkles and is quite dazzling.

Choosing the Color Scheme

White and silver are on the cool side of the color spectrum. Neither white or silver were colors I previously used to create a Christmas tablesetting. Since I already had a lot of white decorations, it provided the stimulus to step outside the box for this Winter White Tablesetting. It’s clean, crisp, and wintry. I aimed to keep the color scheme as simplistic as possible – white and silver and only a hint of muted green in the two greenery piks and the poinsettia leaves, and just a slight hint of brown on the frosted pinecones.

Christmas Tablesetting
Frosted Pinecone

Keeping the color scheme simple and limiting it to very few colors help to achieve an elegant table setting that is pleasing and calming to the eye.

I started with my usual blank white canvas – in this case, a vintage Irish linen tablecloth.

The Centerpiece

The first thing I did was decide on the shape of the centerpiece and I opted for the “S-curve” shape that would draw the eye diagonally along the length of the oval-shaped table. So, two moldable greenery piks were used to form the initial shape. With wire-edged piks, they can easily be bent and twisted into the shape desired.

White holiday Tablesetting
Winter White Holiday Tablesetting

The base of the centerpiece itself was formed with a white garland I had and had used on a mantle in a previous year. One of the things I try to do when buying seasonal decorations is think about how many times and in how many ways the item can be repurposed, in whole or in part, so I am not investing money into something that can, or will, only be used once and for one purpose only. The white garland is moldable so allows me to shape the design where needed.

White Christmas Centerpiece
Winter White Holiday Tablesetting

A small swag of white frosted fruit was added along with three miniature faux white poinsettias in gray pots (that connect to the silver color of the chargers).

Christmas Tablescape
Winter White Holiday Tablesetting
White Poinsettia
Miniature Poinsettia
White Poinsettias
Winter White Holiday Tablesetting

Tall glass candlesticks were positioned to hold white pillar candles. From there, it was a matter of taking white piks I had and using them to fill in gaps where needed.

Christmas Tablescape
Christmas in the Dining Room

Mirror disco baubles were strewn throughout the design to capture light and add sparkle and dazzle.

Mirror Disco Balls
Mirror Disco Baubles

Miniature silver baubles, in matte, glittery, and glossy finishes, were added along with some glittery snowflakes. Small white votives were positioned to give a low glow and life to the tablescape, ensuring, of course, that they had adequate clearance from the elements of the tablescape.

White candle
Votives Add a Glow to Tablescape


Christmas Placesetting
Winter White Christmas Placesetting

I have chosen to use my silver and rhinestone charger plates to frame each placesetting of simple white dinnerware. Why white? Simply because food plates exceptionally well on white and looks appealing and appetizing. It also maintains the white color of the tablesetting. A cut-glass bowl is added to each placesetting to hold the frosted pinecone and to add sparkle to the setting as light hits the cuts in the glass.

Pinecone adorns Christmas placesetting
Placesetting Adornments

More bling is added with the rhinestone napkin rings holding a simple napkin fold. The glassware I have chosen has lots of cuts in it, again, for the sparkle element.

A white tablescape for Christmas dinner table
Winter White Holiday Tablesetting

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money (or any at all) on Christmas table décor, look amongst the existing Christmas decorations you already own. Another advantage of doing this is that you’re not adding more seasonal items you have to then, post-Christmas, find a place to store.

Christmas White Placesetting
Winter White Holiday Tablesetting

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Holiday Tablesetting
Winter White Holiday Tablesetting
White Tablesetting
Winter White Holiday Tablesetting
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