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PEI Lobster Rolls and Potato Salad

Plate of PEI Lobster Roll, Potato Salad, and Green Salad
PEI Lobster Roll and Potato Salad

I am often asked for my recipe for lobster rolls and, I have to say, mine is fairly basic. I don’t mess with a good thing by adding any wonky or unusual ingredients. I want the lobster to be the star and nothing to interfere with it.  I go with the basics – lobster meat, celery, lemon juice, Dijon mustard, salad dressing or mayonnaise, and salt and pepper. Sometimes, I will add a finely chopped green onion to the filling but that’s about it.

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Homemade Salad Dressing

Homemade Salad Dressing

Homemade salad dressing is simple to make and is a tasty addition to many salads and sandwiches. It’s also a more economical alternative to commercial varieties on the grocery store shelves. Additionally, if you find yourself in need of salad dressing and are not near a supermarket, you can quickly whip up a batch of homemade salad dressing so long as you have eggs, sugar, milk, vinegar, dry mustard, and flour. Continue reading Homemade Salad Dressing

Dave’s Lobster – Charlottetown’s Newest Lobster Roll and Taco Eatery

Tonight, I have some mouth-watering photos for you featuring one of PEI’s most famous foods (and certainly one of my favorites) — lobster!

It’s always exciting when a new eatery opens in town.  I was fortunate enough to have been invited to this evening’s pre-opening event for Charlottetown’s newest restaurant featuring lobster rolls and tacos.

I thought you might be interested in seeing the photos of lobster rolls and tacos from Dave’s Lobster in Charlottetown, PEI (now stop drooling on the keyboard and read on!).

Let’s take a look at the menu boards.  Main features are lobster rolls (both hot and cold) and lobster tacos.

However, if you are not a lobster lover, they offer grilled cheese sandwiches using local COWS Creamery cheeses.

One thing I always look for in a lobster roll is lots of big chunks of identifiable lobster (I loathe “mashed” or shredded lobster).  As you can see from the “Fancy Lobster Roll” below, there is no problem with identifying the lobster.  The roll was amply filled, too.  The other thing I look for is how much non-lobster filler has been added to the lobster roll.  This one was filled with 100% pure, fresh lobster and nothing else.  The chopped fresh chives really add a contrast color and make the orange color of the lobster pop.  I had the warm lobster in a roll that was lightly grilled and quite enjoyed it.  This is a bit of a switch for me since I always choose to eat my lobster cold.

Staff were kept busy making the lobster rolls and tacos, all under the watchful eye of Chef Ilona Daniel who owner, Dave Hyndman, engaged as a culinary consultant on his new restaurant.

If lobster rolls aren’t your thing, perhaps a lobster taco would fit the bill!

Lobster Taco
Lobster Taco

So, if your tastebuds lead you to craving lobster, why not head on down to Dave’s Lobster located in Founder’s Hall, 6 Prince Street, just off of Water Street, in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.  This is in the same building that houses the PEI Visitor’s Centre and is just steps away from Peake’s Quay and the cruise ship port.

While there is a small eat-in section at Dave’s, eating a lobster roll outside under the bright red umbrellas on a warm summer day would be ideal.


Do you have a new restaurant opening or a culinary event happening in Prince Edward Island?  If so, and provided it fits with the philosophy and theme of my blog, I invite you to get in touch with me as I may be able to feature it here on my Island food blog.

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