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Potato and Ham au Gratin Recipe

White casserole dish filled with Sliced Potatoes, Diced Ham Smothered in a Rich Cheese Sauce
Potato and Ham au Gratin

This Potato and Ham au Gratin is a fabulously tasty way to use leftover ham and stretch it into more servings than could be achieved by simply plating the meat. Any time this can be done, it provides relief to the grocery budget and provides another main meal option. Continue reading Potato and Ham au Gratin Recipe

Ways to Use Leftover Ham

Baked Ham surrounded by pineapple slices on bed of greens
Baked Glazed Ham

I am a huge fan of taking leftover meat and turning it into other dishes that will yield more servings than would simply plating the cold meat. This is a great way to extend an expensive ingredient (meat) and stretch the food budget. Bonus if extending the meat yields a dish that can be frozen for later enjoyment as this is a great convenience to know there is a meal, or meals, ready in the freezer for cooking or reheating. This post is all about Ways to Use Leftover Ham. Continue reading Ways to Use Leftover Ham