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Pumpkin and Eggnog Scones

Curate Stand with Scones for One along with Jam and Double Cream
Pumpkin and Eggnog Scones

Pumpkin and eggnog are two complementary flavors and they pair well in these Pumpkin and Eggnog Scones that are lovely in autumn and around the Christmas period. The scones are tasty served warm with clotted cream or English double cream, and fig jam, in particular, though any jam of choice can, of course, be used. They are also delicious served simply with a good slather of butter.

Note, from the photo below how I am taking a neutral stance on the Cornish method and the Devon method of applying the cream and jam to the scones! I enjoy scones via either method.

Plate with scone, English double cream, and jam
Pumpkin and Eggnog Scones served with English Double Cream and Fig Jam

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Chicken and Pumpkin Chili

I love a bowl of chili, especially on a cold fall or winter day.  I also like the chili to have lots of texture and flavour and to be well-filled, hearty, and not be too watery.  This recipe for Chicken and Pumpkin Chili has a lovely flavour profile owing to the selection of ingredients and a curated blend of spices to complement the core ingredients. Continue reading Chicken and Pumpkin Chili