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Mini Blueberry Bundt Cakes

Mini Blueberry Cakes
Mini Blueberry Bundt Cake

Mini Bundt cakes have become quite popular and trendy and they are ideal individual desserts that present so attractively on a plate. Today, I used my pan of fluted mini Bundt pan molds (each having a 1-cup capacity) to make individual Mini Blueberry Bundt Cakes with a lemon glaze. Continue reading Mini Blueberry Bundt Cakes

Clementine Sponge Pudding for Two

Two ramekin dishes filled with single-serving Sponge Pudding
Clementine Sponge Pudding for Two

This self-saucing Clementine Sponge Pudding, baked in a bain marie, consists of a lovely citrus-flavored sauce topped with a light-as-air sponge cake. The pudding is proportionately sized for two servings making it ideal for the small household. Continue reading Clementine Sponge Pudding for Two

Glazed Strawberry Pie For Two

Small Strawberry Pie in deep dish 7" pie shell
Glazed Strawberry Pie for Two

This splendid Glazed Strawberry Pie for Two is a scaled-down version of the recipe for the Strawberry Pie I originally posted in 2013.  Recognizing that there are many small households (including mine) that neither need nor desire a full-sized pie, I have sized the pie down to fit a deep-dish 7” pie plate that will easily provide up to four servings – two to enjoy today and two for tomorrow! Or, for bigger appetites, the pie provides two generous servings. Continue reading Glazed Strawberry Pie For Two

Rhubarb Cobbler For Two

Two single servings of Rhubarb dessert
Individual Servings of Rhubarb Cobbler

One of the things I most look forward to in spring is rhubarb from the garden. I certainly make good use of it as I find it is very versatile. Today, with the smaller household in mind, I am sharing my recipe for a delicious Rhubarb Cobbler perfectly sized just for two servings. Continue reading Rhubarb Cobbler For Two

Baked Caramel Pudding For One

Caramel Pudding
Baked Caramel Pudding for One

Single-serving “mug” cakes and puddings are popular for those living alone. I haven’t published many recipes for one or two servings since the industry standard for recipe development tends to be dishes that will generate four to six servings.  That, however, for singles living alone can be a problem, particularly if the dish desired is not one that can be batch cooked and frozen in individual serving sizes for later use.

Sometimes, one has a craving for something sweet but if there are not several people to eat it up, who wants a pudding that will make four to six servings when you really only want the one serving! My proportionately sized Baked Caramel Pudding is perfect when you have no one to please with a dessert but yourself! Continue reading Baked Caramel Pudding For One